At Blue Star, it's of utmost importance to us that you know we are fanatical about the potency, purity, honesty, and results of our products. To create a brand that is synonymous with elite level athletes, performance, and physiques. Without hype, without BS. Just deliver superior results to people like you.

You see at Blue Star, we are totally different. We aren't a slave to "big box" retailers who force supplement companies to water down products in order to hit price points required for huge profit margins.

Instead, we head hunted the most talented supplement formulators in the world, some of which were sick of working for the biggest and dirtiest supplement companies out there just for the pay check. We shared our vision with them, and let their creative and scientific minds run wild.

What you notice as a consumer is that our supplements have that much more "POP." They're just stronger, and you feel them that much quicker.

Staying on the forefront of nutritional science, quality control, and potency is the core value of our Research and Development team, and what keeps turning our "customers," into life-long "clients."


Ever notice the cGMP Quality Guarantee on your favorite Blue Star Nutraceuticals supplement? It represents how much quality control means to us. cGMP or "current Good Manufacturing Practices" proves our supplements are manufactured in a government audited facility. It assures you that the safety, potency and effectiveness of our products are strictly controlled, all the way from the testing of raw materials to the validating the finished product. At Blue Star Nutraceuticals, ensuring that you get what you pay for, is paramount.